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A nice Garage Door Services Sugar Land is what desired by a homeowner and the owner of a commercial space. Garage doors are always an important part of a construction and need to be designed and installed well. In homes garage doors add to the aesthetic looks and in commercial spaces, garage door commercial needs to be working efficiently without breaking down. Here are some of the main points to be compared between a residential commercial garage door and a commercial garage door.


Residential doors need to be attractive and the performance should be good. On the other hand if we talk about the commercial garage door, they have to be designed for working more efficiently than to look great. A garage door commercial is the entry point of commercial areas and therefore need to be more dedicated for use.


The main difference between a residential door and a garage door commercial is the size. A standard residential garage door is usually 7 feet in terms of height but there are shorter and taller residential garage doors available depending on requirement. Commercial businesses generally need taller garage doors for loading and unloading of the material supplies.

You can get a better look for commercial garage doors by using attractive materials like glass but you will get very limited choices in this case.

Choice of materials

Residential garage doors are available in a wide variety of materials like wood, fiberglass, steel, aluminum and other composite materials but a garage door commercial has limited choices of galvanized steel or aluminum.

You can add strength to residential garage door Sugar Land TX also by using hurricane resistant panels and hardware to them.

You need to check always with your building officials and your local garage door installer to get the best suggestions for the garage door for you.