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Garage door repair Sugar Land opener is one of the most important parts of your garage door system and a right garage door should be selected for your garage door type and the quality should be good. It is crucial to choose the right opener for your garage door type so that nothing goes wrong. Here are the factors which will help you in finding a solution for how to choose a garage door opener:

Different types of garage door openers and functions

Garage door openers come in three different styles- Belt Drive, Chain Drive and Screw Drive. Each type has its benefits depending on the type of garage door you want:

Belt Drive- Quiet and good performance, ideals for garages near living spaces and premium opener drive system.

Chain Drive- Suitable for any garage door: can lift heaviest garage doors, most popular garage door drive system

Screw Drive- ideal for one piece doors that tilt, quieter than chain drive systems and durable garage door opening system.

How much Horse Power you need?

How much horse power do you need to lift the garage door? This is also one factor deciding the selection of your garage door opener. Normally to open a garage door of 22’ width, you need at least half horsepower. Heavy doors and oversized need at least ¾ horse power.

½ Horse Power – Can lift most of the garage doors and the most popular opener motor

¾ Horse Power- For heavy doors and durable and long lasting

1 Horse Power – Best for heaviest doors with maximum efficiency and power.

There are some other factors also to consider when you decide how to choose your garage door opener. If you need more light in your garage door, then look for models that support 100 watt bulbs or equivalent. Consult a good garage door company near you which will provide all the information you may need to select a right garage door opener for you. They will provide you a good selection to choose from with all the major brands of garage door Openers Sugar Land TX available for you. Buy garage door opener from that company only which will provide you a good after sales support. Do not take the decision for choosing a garage door opener in haste and visit as many garage door companies as possible.