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I am finding it very difficult to open or close my garage door. It seems jammed. What should I do?

If you discover your garage door is failing to open or close properly then you need to check your garage door springs. If they are broken then you have to get it replaced by a professional garage door service. The garage door springs help in pulling up and down of the garage door and if some of the springs are broken then garage door may not open or close properly. There can be other reasons too, you just have to consult a professional garage door service.

Are you available for garage door services after normal working hours?

Yes, we are available 24 hours a week for emergency services for garage door services. You can call us whenever you need any type of emergency service for your garage door

What form of payments do you accept?

We accept all types of payments and we accept cash, cheques, MasterCard, Visa, American express and all types of credit cards.

If I want to install a fresh new garage door in my house, how much it will cost to me overall?

It is really very hard to say without knowing your garage door needs completely. The cost of a new garage door depends upon whether it is a replacement garage door or a new construction garage door. Does the frame need to be rebuilt? Do you need a noise reduction mechanism and insulation?
So there are a few questions we need to ask you before we tell the overall garage door cost. You have to call M.G.A Sugarland and ask for a quote and we will provide you a full estimate for your new garage door installation. The estimate is free and you can get it by calling us anytime.

Why do I need an insulated garage door?

There are two purposes which are served by an insulated garage door.

  • If your garage door is insulated then it provides a good backing and support which ultimately protects your garage door from dents and shocks.
  • The energy efficiency of your garage door is increased and the energy bill of your home or office is reduced.
Does my garage door need maintenance? If yes then what types of maintenance is required?

Yes, your garage door requires following maintenance activities at regular intervals.

Checking all cables

Checking all types of your garage door cables is required which connect the springs system to both the sides of your garage door. Worn out or rusted garage door springs under tension can cause damages to your garage door and may lead to injuries too.

Rollers and track lubrication

If the garage door makes a lot of noise when going up or down, then your track may be bent or rollers worn down. To ensure the smooth working, the rollers and tracks need to be lubricated twice or thrice a year.


Garage door springs need to be checked regularly as they bear a heavy load of your garage door. But call a professional garage door service to check it and do not do it on your own as it may be risky.


Lubrication of garage door parts like chain and belt on opener, springs, hinges, rollers and drums is very important at least twice an year. You can call professional services like M.G.A Garage door services, Sugarland, Texas to perform these maintenance activities at affordable cost.

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