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10 Ways to Ensure the Safety of Your Garage Door

Garages are vital for a number of reasons in a home. They are needed for storage, safety and adding good looks to your house. The garage doors can be used as the second entrance of the house and therefore it has to be of high quality and should work efficiently. The safety of your garage door is of primary importance and you should take steps to ensure it. Here are 10 ways to ensure the safety of your garage door Service Sugar Land.

1. Keep garage door opener control button out of the reach of the children

Children can play with the opener button and make it not working, so keep it out of their reach.

2. Keep the garage door remote control out of reach of the children

Do not let children play with the garage door remote controls. They may damage it and excessive playing can cause damage to garage door also due to frequent opening and closing.

3. Read owner’s manual to know about emergency release of garage door

Sometimes you do not know how to use the emergency release feature of the garage door when the opener is not working. So read it carefully.

4. Perform manual inspections

Check springs, rollers, cables, pulleys etc. every month and ensure every garage door part works fine. If any problem is there or wear or tear is there, get it fixed by a trained garage door expert.

5. Test the reversing system

The door should reverse after contacting an object. If not, then call an expert garage door professional to fix it.

6. Explain the dangers of garage doors to your children

Make sure that your children understand the dangers of heavy parts of your garage door. Ask them to stay safe.

7. Don’t leave the garage door partially open

This can cause issues. Keep it fully closed or open whenever needed.

8. When going to vacation, unplug the garage door opener unit

This will ensure that remote or opener is unusable and cannot be used in your absence.

9. Use openers with rolling code technology

The rolling code technology openers have access codes changed each time. This prevents code grabbing

10. Never leave remote control inside the car

Thieves can gain entry to your home by stealing your car and if the car has garage door remote inside, then it can be used to gain access to your home by the thieves. So never leave remote inside the car.